IS Works Winter Maintenance Sale

Winter weather is brutal on your vehicle and the Holiday Season is brutal on your wallet —it’s a tough combination. But the extreme weather makes it more important than ever to keep up with maintenance on your vehicle. That’s why IS Works is proud to announce our Winter Maintenance Sale.

For a short time only, receive the best deals of the year on service YOU NEED for your vehicle! Check out the deals below and make sure to mention the Winter Maintenance Sale when you contact us to get the savings! Call us at 732-341-3400 or shoot us an emain at

Winter Maintenance Deals

$10 Off Oil Changes

The extreme temperatures changes we experience in the North East can create moisture in your motor oil, possibly causing lasting damage and decreased reliability. This is especially critical for high-performance vehicles. We recommend changing your oil every 6 months at minimum to avoid moisture in your oil, regardless of mileage. And if you’re simply due for an oil change, you can still $10 Off our Liqui Moly oil service by mentioning our Winter Maintenance Sale!

$50 Off Intake Cleanings

Noticed a decrease in power or fuel economy lately? Carbon build up could be the cause. Carbon build up is an unfortunate side effect of direct fuel-injection used in modern cars. We recommend performing an Intake Carbon Cleaning service every 30,000 miles.

This is what happens when you skip Intake Cleanings.


Our intake cleaning process includes:

  • Removal of the intake manifold and cleaning the base of the manifold where it meets the cylinder head with a non-corrosive chemical solution.
  • Walnut blasting the intake ports in the cylinder head to achieve a factory-clean finish.
  • Extracting spark plugs and fuel injectors to completely remove walnut shells.
  • Fuel injectors rebuilt with all new o rings and gaskets.

Wonder why we use walnut shells as a cleaning media? Crushed walnut shells provide a harder material than the built up carbon deposits, allowing us to get a factory-clean finish. However, the shells are not hard enough to cause damage to the aluminum head or steel valves.

Now you know.

$100 Off Timing services

Listen, we know the holidays can be rough on your bank account, but winter is not the time to try and squeeze extra miles between timing services. All materials become more brittle in the cold, and timing belts are no exception. Depending on your vehicle, timing services are recommended anywhere between 60,000-100,000 miles. However, if your vehicle is 7 to 10 years old, it’s a good decision to have a timing service done, regardless of mileage.

In addition, timing chains on early-year Mk6 2.0 TSI engines (and late Mk5 2.0 TSI’s) relied heavily on oil-pressure to maintain proper chain-tension. In the winter, it takes much longer for motors to warm up to operating temperature (which is directly related to oil pressure) which causes the factory tensioners to fail. If you’re curious about whether or not your vehicle needs a timing service, call us at 732-341-3400 or email us at

$20 Off Alignments

You may not be tearing up the autocross track, but it’s still important to have an accurate wheel alignment during the winter season. During inclement weather, you want to be in full control of your vehicle with proper steering accuracy that can only be achieved with an accurate alignment. We recommend having your vehicle’s alignment checked every 6,000 miles, or with every oil change.

Free Service Light Diagnostics

Ahh, the dreaded Check Engine Light. You hope it’s something non-urgent, but do you want to run that risk? During our Winter Maintenance Sale, we’ll diagnose your check engine light for free, even if you plan to get the work done elsewhere or do it yourself.

We can diagnose the error code causing your check engine lights with more accuracy than any other shop, including the dealership because we use Rosstech VAG-COM, which is specifically engineered to work with Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche vehicles only.

If you do decide to have your CEL issue fixed by Island Sport Works, using VAG-COM allows us to diagnose CEL issues right the first time, saving you time and money.

It’s been an unusually frigid December, so we can only imagine what January and February (and possibly March) will bring. However, by properly maintaining your car you can be confident that your vehicle is protected against whatever winter brings.

Call Island Sport Works at 732-341-3400 or email us at to schedule an appointment. Make sure to mention our Winter Maintenance Sale to get these deals!

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