BMW Performance Software at ISW

Wish your BMW had a little more power? A lot more power? ISW has the solution! We’re proud to offer bootmod3 by ProTuningFreaks, the world’s first Custom Tuning Software for BMW F-Series Vehicles. 

For Tuning Inquiries on non-F-Series vehicles, please contact us. 

Features of BM3 (bootmod3)

  • Dramatic Horsepower & Torque Gains
  • Software Uploaded Directly through the OBD II Port Without Needing to Remove the DME!
  • Tunes Available for all levels of modification —from completely stock to full race builds!
  • OTS “Off The Shelf” Tunes Optimized for 91/93/Racegas/E85. Just set the Tune and enjoy!
  • GTS Flashes Included for Vehicles with DCT!
  • Mobile Application to Change Maps and View Engine Parameters such as Boost, A/F Ratios, etc. (available for Android and iPhone. Must Purchase OBD II Wifi Agent to use mobile app.)
  • Improved Fuel Economy (under normal driving conditions.)
  • Datalogging for over 200 diagnostic channels, up to 40 channels concurrently.
bootmod3 at island sport works

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BM3 is Available for the Following Vehicles/Engines

M-Series: M2 | M3 | M4 | M5 | M6 | X5M | X6M

1 Series: 125i | 128i | 135i

2 Series: 220i 228i | 235i |

3 Series: 320i | 328i | 330i | 335i | 340i

4 Series: 420i | 428i | 430i | 435i | 440i |

5 Series: 520i | 528i | 535i | 530i | 535i |

6 Series: 640i | 650i |

X Series: X3 | X4 | X5 | X6

Engines: N20 | N26 | N55 | S55 | S63TU

(If you are unsure if your BMW is compatible with the software, please contact us via the Contact Form above or call 732-341-3400)

Map Features

  • Speed Governor Removed
  • Increased Rev Limiter
  • Exhaust burble (GTS, custom, aggressive mode), switchable with the steering wheel controls in efficient vs. sport mode
  • GTS Startup Roar
  • GTS DCT Transmission flash
  • Recalibrated Sport Gauges on iDrive
  • Cold start cat heat cycle and cat efficiency check removed (for off-road use)
  • Maps for Upgraded Turbos
  • Tunes for Race Gas, E85/blend, and Water-Meth Injection Tuning.
  • Custom Throttle mapping
  • Backend Flash maps for use with piggybacks such as the JB4

Exhaust Burble Feature Using Bootmod3

bootmod3 BMW Tuning Process

1.) We begin by connecting a charger to the vehicle’s battery to ensure your BMW’s DME is sufficiently powered throughout the flashing process.

2.) Next, we plug into your vehicle’s OBDII port using our BMW OBD II to E-NET cable to begin communication with the vehicle’s DME. 

3.) We unlock the vehicle’s DME using the bootmod3 software to allow a full software reflash. 

4.) We select the appropriate Map or “Tune” for your BMW (choices made based on Octane level, supporting modifications, etc. We can consult you on the best Tune for your vehicle.)

5.) We flash the selected tune onto the vehicle’s DME and take it for a test drive to ensure the tune bedded properly.

It’s really that easy! Add horsepower and torque to your BMW with bootmod3 software —available at Island Sport Works!