Carbon Build Up

The Bane of Direct-Injection Vehicles

Has your car been feeling sluggish lately? Or worse on gas than usual? A decrease in power and increase in fuel consumption could be symptoms of Carbon Build up in your intake. Carbon build up is an unfortunate factor of direct-injection technology, which has allowed manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency and improve throttle response in modern vehicles.

What Causes Carbon Buildup?

Directly injecting fuel into the cylinder allows carbon soot to enter back into the engine’s intake valves and other surfaces inside the cylinder head, which will ultimately cause a loss of power and decrease in fuel efficiency.

Is my car susceptible to Carbon Buildup? 

The vast majority of modern German vehicles use direct injection technology, so carbon build up is a big concern. It’s incredibly important that anyone with a Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes Benz have their intake system checked for carbon buildup every 30,000 miles. Unfortunately, there is no way to check exactly how much carbon buildup is in your engine without removing the intake manifold, so it’s important that you have it checked by a professional.

The amount of carbon build up in your intake will depend on the engine design, vehicle age, mileage, modifications, driving styles and other factors.

Should I have my Intake Carbon Cleaning Service done by a professional?

Properly performing an Intake Carbon Cleaning service requires the right equipment, time, experience, and a clean shop environment. Many people have some of those requirements, but very few have them all. That’s why it’s best to have your Intake Carbon Cleaning performed at a German specialized shop, such as Island Sport Works.

The IS Works Intake Carbon Cleaning Process

  1. Removal of the intake manifold and cleaning the base of the manifold where it meets the cylinder head with a non-corrosive chemical solution.
  2. Walnut-shell blasting the intake ports in the cylinder head to achieve a factory-clean finish.
  3. Extracting spark plugs and fuel injectors to completely remove walnut shells.
  4. Fuel injectors rebuilt using all new O-rings and gaskets.
  5. Clearing any fault codes that were caused by excess carbon buildup.

Fun FactWonder why we use walnut shells as a cleaning media? Crushed walnut shells provide a harder material than the built up carbon deposits, allowing us to get a factory-clean finish. However, the shells are not hard enough to cause damage to the aluminum head or steel valves. It’s a more expensive media for us to use, but the only way to achieve the absolute best result.

If it’s time to schedule an Intake Carbon Cleaning for your vehicle, contact us or call Island sport Works at 732-341-3400.