Letter From the Owners of ISW

We strive every day to be the best for ourselves and our customers. Our team comes from different backgrounds and of different ages, however, the common strand in our DNA that makes us a great team is our love for Cars, our love for Performance, and our desire to be better. We live for this, it’s what we breathe and what makes us smile. We do this because of a passion inside us only another car guy or girl can understand. We care for our customers and treat their cars as our own because our customers share that strand with us as well. Island Sport Works LLC will continue to grow and with that growth our Family will only get bigger, we know our customers are the root system of our family tree and will continue to nurture that as so. Thanks to all those that support us and share the passion.

– Josue Munoz & Tyler Cathers

The Island Sport Works Team

Josue Island Sport Works

Josue Munoz


Tyler Cathers Owner ISW

Tyler Cathers

Owner | Master Technician

Tristan Cathers

Marketing Director


Office Manager

Island Sport Works Team Member Juan





Island Sport Works Team Member: Joey

Joseph Viars