“Quality Through Passion”

The Island Sport Works Mantra 


At Island Sport Works, we are more than just a highly competent maintenance shop. We strive to provide the highest quality and broadest spectrum of performance services possible for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles, which is why we have become leaders in the automotive performance industry in a relatively short amount of time.

In addition, Island Sport Works manufactures some of the highest-quality performance products available, such as our ISW Competition Crankshaft, ISW Turbo Muffler Delete and AN Flange.

IS Works is your partner in performance. We work with clients to understand their goals for their vehicle in terms of horsepower, appearance and overall performance in order to guide them to what performance solutions work best.

Whether you are looking to make your daily driver more excited or build a full-blown race vehicle, Island Sport Works has the skill and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Performance Services Offered by IS Works 

ECU | TCU Upgrades

Software Upgrades are a fantastic way to increase horsepower for both stock and modified vehicles and offer perhaps the best dollar-per-horsepower ratio of any upgrade.

Unitronic ECU | TCU Upgrades

IS Works maintains fantastic relationship with Unitronic and has been installing Unitronic ECU | TCU Upgrades and Unitronic Hardware for the better part of a decade on Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche vehicles. Unitronic now allows you to upgrade your vehicle from the comfort of your own garage with the UniConnect+ Cable, which can be purchased with Unitronic Software in the IS Works Store.

APR ECU | TCU Upgrades

IS Works is a fully authorized APR dealer offering performance software and hardware upgrades for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. We are also set up to offer APR+ programs, which is backed by a limited powertrain warranty that matches the length of your factory limited powertrain warranty.

Clutch Upgrades

Increasing horsepower and torque levels through performance modification demands more of supporting components, such as the clutch and drivetrain. Because of this, we highly recommend upgrading your clutch to be able to sustain the added power more reliably and for a longer period of time.

We will assist you in choosing the right clutch based on the power your vehicle is making, use of vehicle (whether it is a daily driver, weekend vehicle or full-blown track car) and driving situations (highway or city driving.)

South Bend Clutch

IS works is a fully authorized South Bend Clutch dealer offering their full-range of clutches for every application. South Bend Clutch offers clutches built to OEM factory specifications as well as varying degrees of performance for all automotive applications. We’ve installed dozens of South Bend Clutches this year alone as they are an incredibly popular choice among the Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast community.

Factory vs South Bend Clutch for Mk7 GTI

To see if South Bend has a clutch available for your vehicle, call IS Works at 732-341-3400 or send us an email at info@islandsportworks.com. South Bend Clutch is a SFI approved manufacturing, rebuilding, and machining company with four generations of industrial knowledge and experience.


Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters is a stalwart brand that has been manufacturing performance clutch and flywheel systems since 1976. They make performance clutch and flywheel systems and other products for an enormous number of applications, however you might want to call IS Works at 732-341-3400 or shoot us an email at info@islandsportworks.com to check, just in case.

Clutch Masters is an interesting choice as they have claimed, “to solve the clamping force vs. pedal pressure equation.” See Clutch Masters’ statement about their new products below.

“Today, thanks to Clutch Masters, increased holding pressure does not necessarily mean increased pedal pressure and the problems that can accompany it. By re-engineering the leverage or fulcrum point on the pressure plate through their Hi-Leveragetm technique, Clutch Masters has increased clamping power, often without changing pedal pressure.”

Black Forest Industries

Feedback regarding Black Forest Industries Clutch Systems have been extremely positive, especially if you’re looking for a firmer pedal feel and quicker clutch engagement. From the kits we’ve installed, our techs have noted the high quality of materials and straight-forward installation. IS Works is an authorized Black Forest Industries Dealer, so give us a call at 732-341-3400 to see if a BFI Clutch is right for your vehicle.


ACT Clutch

ACT has been specializing in performance clutch systems since 1994, so it’s fair to say they know their stuff. ACT boasts a strong history in motorsports, giving them added credibility for performance products. Their street performance products are built to the same standard and hold up very well, even when they’re tested with heavily tuned vehicles. Call IS Works at 732-341-3400 to learn more about ACT’s Clutch Systems.



Sachs is an OE supplier for many Volkswagen and Audi applications, making it a natural choice for many enthusiasts when they are shopping for an upgraded clutch system. Sachs currently offers a dual mass flywheel compatible power clutch for the Mk7 Volkswagen GTI, which is proving to be a very popular choice.

Exedy Racing Clutch

Exedy is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing clutch systems since 1923 under the brand name Daikin. They are a well known brand supplying quality clutch products for both OEM applications and performance applications.

Brake Upgrades


IS Works is a vendor for Brembo Brakes and Stop Tech, and we can also retrofit your vehicle with factory upgraded brakes, such as Audi R8, Porsche or Lamborghini brakes.

Turbocharging Services

IS Works has a vast offering of services for turbocharged vehicles. We can rebuild your factory or aftermarket turbocharger and recover lost power, or install an upgraded aftermarket turbochargers from brands like Borg Warner, Precision or Garett Turbos. We have also performed dozens of factory turbo upgrades such as the IS38 turbocharger upgrade (from the Golf R and Audi S3) and K04 turbocharger upgrades.

We specialize in maintaining turbocharged vehicles as well as optimizing them for performance. IS Works uses Liqui Moly exclusively for our oil changes due to it’s consistent high quality and protective qualities. Based on your particular vehicle, driving habits, and season, we can recommend the best oil weight and viscosity. IS Works also specializes in carbon cleanings and measures to prevent carbon build up.

IS Works recommends upgrades that protect and get the most performance out of turbochargers. We explain the benefits, recommend trusted brands and offer the absolute best prices on upgraded intercoolers, catch can systems, intakes, downpipes and more. We also optimize heat ranges for spark plugs.

Performance Engine Building

At IS Works, we use ARP Hardware exclusively due to their strength and extremely effective quality control measures.

Performance engine building services include Crankshaft Lightening, CNC Porting, Decking and Resurfacing, Honing & Boring, Line Honing, Upgraded Camshafts and Valve Grinding, Catch Cans, Motor-swaps, Transmission Rebuilds, Differential Installs and more.

Bolt Ons

IS Works offers bolt on modifications from almost every major performance automotive supplier —many of which can be found at the best prices in our store. Some enthusiasts try to install bolt-on modifications themselves, since they are supposed to be straight forward and simple (we understand, it’s part of the fun of modifying your car!)

However, choosing IS Works to install your bolt-on modifications is a wise decision as aftermarket parts often do not fit properly and as professionals we pride ourselves on providing the cleanest installation possible. When it comes to bolt ons, there isn’t much we haven’t seen (and fixed) before.


tyler fabricating

IS Works offers a full line of fabrication services including Custom Intercooler Piping, Custom Catch Cans, Methonal injection systems, Custom Machining, Turbo manifolds, Custom Exhausts and more.

Whatever your performance needs or goals may be, Island Sport Works has a solution waiting for you. Call us at 732-341-3400 or shoot us an email to begin discussing your automotive performance options.